Rep. Tina Davis' Biography

State Representative Tina Davis emerged as a leader in Harrisburg by working to find creative, bipartisan solutions to do what is best for her constituents and the people of Pennsylvania.  

In 2010, Rep. Davis was first elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to serve the 141st Legislative District. As a testament to her experience and success as a member of the General Assembly, Rep. Davis was selected by her colleagues to be part of the leadership team to serve as the House Democratic Caucus secretary for the 2021-22 legislative session.   

Rep. Davis has forged a leading role on key issues, including economic development and opportunity; job creation; pay equity; property tax reform; and programs assisting families, seniors, and veterans.     

Rep. Davis’ successes in Harrisburg are a natural projection of her experience on Bristol Township Council, where she made helping families and economic development for Bucks County her priorities. As a resident of Bristol Township, Rep. Davis was frustrated by neighborhood flooding, which led her to taking a proactive approach to solve a very real problem for many of her neighbors. She went to the township office to see what she could do and quickly became involved in municipal operations to find a solution.  

After being elected to Bristol Township Council in 2006, Rep. Davis became council vice president and served on its finance; pension; and building, planning, and zoning committees. As a councilwoman, Rep. Davis implemented the only township-funded program in Bucks County to aid homeowners facing foreclosure. She also quickly built on her early accomplishments addressing road repairs and flooding, while also working with county, state, and federal agencies to secure grants and funding to improve and benefit the community she so proudly served. Rep. Davis also served as a state Democratic committeeperson during this time. 

As a 1983 graduate of LaSalle University with a degree in computer science, Rep. Davis and her husband, Jim, own a small local trucking business. Their top priority is their three children: son James and daughters Taylor and Cameron. Rep. Davis is a hockey mom, loves to cook and has volunteered as a basketball coach, with the local Girl Scouts and the American Cancer Society. 

Rep. Davis is a public servant committed to working on behalf of Bucks County and the 141st Legislative District. As the current caucus secretary, Rep. Davis will continue to advocate for her community and for all Pennsylvanians through her extensive legislative experience working across the aisle to face problems head on to achieve solutions to benefit the Commonwealth.