Malagari bill to allow electronic fuel oil delivery receipts passes PA Senate

(Jul 11, 2024)

HARRISBURG, July 11 – Legislation to permit electronic receipts for light fuel oil deliveries passed the state Senate today, said the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery. "Adopting electronic fuel oil delivery receipts is fundamentally about enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, benefiting both consumers and businesses," Malagari said. "This legislation simplifies the billing process and promotes environmentally friendly practices, positioning Pennsylvania as a trailblazer in sustainable modernization." The need for the legislation was brought to Malagari's attention by a local business. It seeks to align Pennsylvania's regulations with electronic billing practices prevalent in other utilities. "Moyer & Son is very grateful for the hard work of Representative Malagari in helping to author and pass commonsense legislation in the House,” a Moyer & Son spokesperson said. “The efficiency and accuracy that electronic billing will bring to our fuel oil customers are welcome improvements to our delivery process." In contrast to traditional printed receipts, the legislation offers consumers and distributors the option of electronic receipts, providing greater convenience, accuracy and reduced administrative burden. The bill maintains consumer choice by ensuring that printed receipts remain available at no extra cost, while electronic Read more


Email Update: July 10

(Jul 10, 2024)

Things have been busy in Harrisburg as we continue budget talks and wrap up our legislative session. This session, the House has passed a series of bills affirming my commitment to equality, education, and public safety. Just a few of these bills include: Read more


Email Update: June 21

(Jul 09, 2024)

Souderton Area School District received $479,398 to hire an additional school police officer and to fund mental health staff. North Penn School District received $305,659 to fund security equipment and mental health efforts. I am so pleased to have been able to help deliver funding for such an important cause. Read more


PA House adopts resolution marking “World Scleroderma Day”

(Jun 28, 2024)

HARRISBURG, June 28 – Today, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives adopted a resolution ( H.R. 471 ) introduced by state Reps. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., and Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, designating June 29, 2024, as “World Scleroderma Day” in Pennsylvania. Scleroderma is a rare group of autoimmune diseases that negatively impacts thousands of Americans’ skin through the development of rough or tight patches, which may constrict the ability to move. It can also have negative consequences on the digestive system, heart, and lung functioning capabilities. “Scleroderma hits close to home for me after losing my daughter Lanessa to this rare disease four years ago,” Kinsey said. “World Scleroderma Day intends to educate and provide a platform raising awareness of this disease, its causes, symptoms, risk factors and treatment options. I greatly appreciate my colleagues for joining me to adopt this necessary resolution.” "This resolution represents a significant step toward raising awareness about scleroderma and supporting those affected by this debilitating disease,” Malagari said. “Prioritizing education and understanding greatly improves the lives of those living with scleroderma and helps pave the way for better treatment and support systems." Video of Kinsey speaking about World Scleroderma Day in 2023 can be viewed here: (13) Kinsey Recognizes Read more


Malagari celebrates $300,000 grant with North Penn School District

(Jun 11, 2024)

"Ensuring that students, teachers, and staff feel secure in our schools is not just a privilege but a fundamental necessity for effective teaching and learning,” Malagari said. “With this funding, Pennsylvania is making significant strides toward creating safe, nurturing, and inclusive environments where education can thrive free from the distractions and anxieties posed by safety concerns." Read more


Malagari presents $479,000 check to Souderton Area SD

(Jun 10, 2024)

"Kids should feel safe at school so they can concentrate on learning,” Malagari said. “This new funding will ensure Souderton Area School District has the security resources needed to keep students and staff safe, along with the necessary support for students facing mental health issues. Given today's realities, I'm always ready to vote yes to fund these essential programs." Read more


Email Update: June 7

(Jun 07, 2024)

It was a big week in Harrisburg with two pieces of legislation I introduced to help small businesses making big strides. HB1246, which helps local funeral homes by reducing the minimum operating temperature for crematoriums, was passed by the Senate and now awaits the Governor’s signature to officially become law. Read more


Email Update: May 29

(May 29, 2024)

This week in Harrisburg, I joined with other members of the AAPI Caucus to mark AAPI Heritage Month. Our district is extremely fortunate to have a large and varied AAPI population, and I will always work hard to ensure that all our neighbors are fully and effectively represented. Read more


Email Update: May 10

(May 10, 2024)

We continue working for you in Harrisburg. This week, the House passed several important bills covering issues such as equal pay, energy efficiency, maternal health, as well as helping our veterans and first responders. Read more


Pa. House Dems advocate for ‘Infertility Awareness Week’

(May 01, 2024)

"Infertility affects individuals from all walks of life, yet the stigma surrounding this issue often prevents open discussion and access to necessary resources,” said Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery. “By designating 'Infertility Awareness Week in Pennsylvania,' we aim to shed light on this important topic and advocate for comprehensive healthcare services that empower individuals on their path to parenthood. Every individual deserves the opportunity to build their family, and it is our duty to ensure that healthcare resources reflect this fundamental principle.” Read more


Email Update: April 26

(Apr 26, 2024)

In the past few weeks in Harrisburg, my colleagues and I passed a bill that would provide important protection for healthcare workers from “non-compete” agreements. We also passed a couple of bills designed to help improve our towns. One helps municipalities care for neglected cemeteries, and the other helps revitalize underused shopping malls. In all, we’ve passed over 300 bills in this two-year session. We’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still more to do. Read more


Malagari welcomes investments in school safety across Pa.

(Apr 26, 2024)

"Ensuring our schools are safe is fundamental, but creating a nurturing environment where every student feels embraced and valued is paramount,” Malagari said. “These grants epitomize our ongoing dedication to fostering not just safety, but an atmosphere where learning flourishes and potential is unleashed." Read more


Souderton senior center receives funding for security upgrades

(Apr 19, 2024)

"Ensuring the safety and well-being of our older adult population is a top priority; This funding will help Generations of Indian Valley provide a safe environment where our seniors can continue to engage, socialize and thrive,” Malagari said. "Thank you to everyone involved in providing a safe and welcoming space for our seniors to enjoy their golden years." Read more


Malagari welcomes funding for Souderton law enforcement upgrades

(Apr 19, 2024)

"Investing in the safety and efficiency of our law enforcement is crucial for the well-being of our communities," Malagari said. "This funding will enable Souderton Borough Police Department to enhance their technological infrastructure and better protect and serve the residents of our area." Read more


Email Update: April 8

(Apr 08, 2024)

Our Souderton office is now open for walk-in appointments every Monday from 2:00 to 4:00! If you’d like to come in at another time, just contact my office at 267-768-3671 or to schedule an appointment. Our office is located at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets in Souderton at 103B Main Street, Souderton, PA. Read more


Malagari welcomes additional funding for new Hatfield police facility

(Mar 26, 2024)

“After having the honor of recently breaking ground at what will be Hatfield’s new police facility, I now have the pleasure of announcing additional funding will be used to ensure its success,” Malagari said. “I want to thank the community leaders who advocated for this grant and made this all possible.” Read more


Email Update: March 25

(Mar 25, 2024)

It’s been a busy few weeks in Harrisburg! Legislation I sponsored, HB 1096, was signed into law by Governor Josh Shapiro. This law allows businesses to convert their hotel licenses to restaurant licenses more easily. Supporting local business is important to me, and I am proud that this legislation will help. Read more


Malagari bill to allow electronic fuel oil delivery receipts passes House

(Mar 25, 2024)

Transitioning to electronic fuel oil delivery receipts is simply about embracing efficiency and cost-effectiveness; it’s a win-win scenario for consumers and businesses. This legislative stride not only streamlines the billing process but also encourages eco-friendly practices, positioning Pennsylvania as a pioneering leader in responsible modernization. Read more


Shapiro signs Malagari liquor license bill to support local businesses

(Mar 21, 2024)

"I am thrilled to see House Bill 1096 become law. Its passage represents a significant victory for our licensees and local economies," said Malagari. "This legislation offers a valuable opportunity for licensees to adapt to changing market conditions while simultaneously addressing the shortage of restaurant licenses in our counties. It's a win-win situation that supports our local businesses and strengthens our communities." Read more


Malagari celebrates passage of legislation to reduce the cost of AP exams

(Mar 21, 2024)

"In our pursuit of educational equity and opportunity, we must remove barriers hindering the advancement of our brightest minds," said Malagari. “We’re one step closer to giving every student a less-obstructed path to higher education.” Read more